prepare for high school then prepare for college then prepare for your career then prepare for retirement then you’re dead 

then prepare for skeleton war


eirenical replied to your post “Had a dream last night that I went back to New York but forgot to book…”

Which you naturally knew was a dream because if that had been real life you could’ve shown up on my doorstep any time and I’d have gladly let you stay. *nodnod* *snugs*

That was actually my first thought upon waking up lol. Like, “Huuuuuh yeah, no, brain. Pretty sure if I was somehow stupid enough to forget to make sure I had a place to stay, she would definitely not let me nap on a train every night.” -Hugs- But, honestly, the most unbelievable thing to me about that dream wasnt me somehow forgetting to book a place to stay, but you not letting me stay with you lol.

October is going to be a month where I get two non-rent paychecks, so once I pay back things I owe from this new apartment adventures, I’m gonna hash out how much extra I’ll have from that, talk things over with my friend I’m trying to convince to go with me in August, and hopefully set a date to buy plane tickets. \o/ I WILL BE COMING, FRIEND.

(Also, sorry I didn’t reply on skype - it totally did that thing where it logged on in the browser when I was checking my emails on hotmail)

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a roadtrip where you get to see all the friends youve made online

what about your friends overseas?



nail polish on fingernails: 2 days
nail polish on toenails: 200 years. ur ghost will have glittery toes. ur descendants will come out of the womb w/ revlon 791 midnight affair perfectly applied. infinite



if fob don’t release a fragrance called scenturies they’re missing out on a life changing opportunity


I’m gonna start a frat called psi phi pi where we just watch sci-fi movies while eating pie. ΨΦπ represent. 

Had a dream last night that I went back to New York but forgot to book a hostel and couldn’t find one with an open bed and ended up riding the subway all night until I could meet up with eirenical in the mornings.



k, so this is a mutual going anon with a legitimate question: So when I listen to Les Mis, all I can think is that Marius is REALLY ANNOYING! But it's clear that you and others in the les mis fandom think he's cool. So is there something in the books that makes him less irritating? Is there something you're seeing that I'm not? Enlighten me, oh awesome one! (please don't hate me, I'm actually curious!)  


there are a few things i dont like about him but ok 

here are some cool facts about marius 

  • he grew up in a neglectful/maybe abusive household with his grandfather, who convinced him that his father was a douche. and then later his father dies and he goes and finds out that his dad actually really cared about him
  • his dad fought for napoleon and so marius goes and gets all obsessed with napoleon and his grandfather kicks him out of the house (and like. he learns SO MUCH STUFF about napoleon. hes REALLY SMART.) 
  • and then he meets courfeyrac and bossuet and one of the first things he says to bossuet is “what a beautiful name” because he’s a SWEETHEART 
  • and then (bc he’s homeless) courf offers to take marius home, and courf offers marius money and stuff but marius is like NO. I WILL NOT ACCEPT YOUR MONEY OK YOU NEED IT IM NOT A MOOCH
  • oh btw his grandfather sends him money too but hes like “nah” 
  • (aka another example of what a good and noble person marius is) 
  • and then courf is like “hey marius i have a translating job that u could do. do you speak german and english???” and maius is like “no but i will learn them” AND HE DOES. HE LEARNS TWO LANGUAGES IN A REALLY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME WHILE HE’S STARVING. did i mention how smart he is bc hes really smart
  • anyways then later, the ”””’jondrettes”””’ who are actually the thenardiers, but they changed their names (and they’re marius’s neighbors) say that they cant pay their rent
  • like wow ok he cant even pay his own rent but he’s paying theirs 
  • and then like later when he’s with cosette there’s this part where their knees touch and marius is like AHHHHH THATS GOING TO FAR and he blushes and pulls away and then cosette blushes too and its super cute 
  • oh and then you know that scene at the barricade where marius gets the fire and like saves the barricade??????
  • yeah well that actually happened except that the musical fucked it up. there was none of this “my life is not yours to risk, marius” bullshit
  • after he saved the barricade, courfeyrac “flung himself on his neck” and then marius asked courfeyrac “where is the chief??” and then enjolras comes up to him and says “YOU are the chief” 
  • and there’s a line that hugo says and its like “while enjolras might have been the chief of the barricade, marius was definitely the saviour” 
  • and this is getting long but yeah
  • that’s why people like marius